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Young hockey champions going for gold: “Our future is always top of mind”

By Degroof Petercam - Marketing & Communication Specialist
Ambre Ballenghien? Antoine Kina? The names probably sound familiar to you. They have made their mark in the hockey world, both in the Belgian Hockey League and in the national team, where they performed at the highest level.
The hockey club Gantoise, where Ambre and Antoine play, and Degroof Petercam have a long tradition together. The private bank, trusted partner for many clients' assets, has been a club sponsor for many years. Both share the same values: Gantoise offers education through hockey, Degroof Petercam wants to teach young people to build a financial future with confidence.
We spoke with both sporters about their passion, ambition, and their vision of the future. Let's discover the ins-and-outs of young champions' lives and how they see their sportive and financial future.
Antoine Kina
Antoine Kina

The Olympic Games are the ultimate ambition.

Antoine Kina, Red Lions and Ambre Ballenghien, Red Panthers

The origin of a passion for hockey

Antoine kina, son of famous hockey coach Pascal Kina, was born with a stick in his hands. From a young age, he got to know the sport to his best ability. He fell in love with the sport and made it to the Gantoise team and the national team, with whom he conquered the Hockey World Cup in 2018. A major achievement. Ambre Ballenghien also chooses, at a younger age, the game with the stick and the ball. She loved the sport from the beginning and excelled at it. Her way of playing created a strong impact in the hockey world via the Hockey Premier League and the European Championship. When we ask about their ambition, we get a clear answer. Antoine: "The Olympics, that's the ultimate ambition. Thanks to Gantoise's professional infrastructure, anything is possible. Friends and family help and support me in my race for the gold." And Ambre confirms: "Indeed, the Olympic Games, that's the goal. It's possible through the program and the vision of Gantoise: with two teams in the top four of the Belgian competition, we are already very far in realizing our ambitions."

My financial future is important: I ask my parents to help me, but it would be most helpful to understand myself the art of finance.

Ambre Ballenghien, Red Panthers

A solid financial future needs good advice

Even champions need to think about their future, and not only the ambition in sports but also the possibilities to build a financial future with confidence. Ambre: "Planning my future is very important; it is always top of mind. I make sure that I finish my degree in economic sciences. That's my ticket to a life after sports. And if I have financial questions, then I ask my parents to help me. But it would be most helpful to understand the art of finance and to learn already more on the planning and organization of my financial future, it's essential. If I can plan my ticket to the Olympics, I can do the same for my financial future, step by step. "And Antoine? He explains: "What Ambre says, counts for me too. My future lies in sports; I will follow the family tradition and stay in the hockey sport. But as Ambre says, I need good advice, and I get that from my parents and friends. Nevertheless, it's necessary to understand it all myself. I think the You Are Tomorrow community is the best way to grow and have a stable financial future, especially the Art of Finance sessions where we can learn from the experts."
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