The life insurance, a powerful and flexible asset structuring tool

Protect and pass on your assets in complete security

Our Private Bankers have a number of wealth management tools at their disposal to structure your assets in the best possible way.
Among them, the Luxembourg life insurance policy, recognised throughout Europe, plays a key role in serving a clientele with increasing mobility.



Are you a resident of Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland or the UK? As a mobile client, you benefit from the many advantages guaranteed by the life insurance:

Regardless of your country of residence, you benefit from:
  • Estate planning and inheritance: choice of beneficiaries, non-inheritance solution and post-mortem instructions
  • Protection against personal bankruptcy
  • Taxation of underlying assets
Depending on your country of residence, other elements are to be considered as well:
  • Reduced inheritance tax
  • Tax on savings, dividends and capital gains
  • Wealth tax
  • Inheritance according to your family structure
Jean-Marc Lefebvre

Thanks to the life insurance, a tailor-made solution that takes into account your family, personal and professional situation, you can benefit from optimal management of your assets.

Jean-Marc Lefebvre, Head of Life Insurance Brokerage

The advantages of

a life insurance in Luxembourg

The value of the Luxembourg life insurance contract as a structuring tool is well established with a strong presence in all major European markets. In 2021, it accounted for EUR 26 billion of life insurance premiums.

The Safety Triangle,

a unique protection mechanism in Europe

This unique protection ensures the legal and physical segregation of investors' assets on one hand and those of shareholders and creditors of the insurance company on the other. Your life insurance assets are held separately at a custodian bank. Thus, in the event of your death and if you so wish, the initial value of the amounts contributed to the contract can be maintained, whatever happens on the markets.

By taking out a life insurance policy in Luxembourg, you benefit from

a unique offer in Europe with multiple advantages:

  • Enhanced protection (segregation of assets via the security triangle)
  • Optimised wealth structuring
  • Reliable solution for expatriates and international situations
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Your life insurance with 

Degroof Petercam Insurance Broker

The intervention of a licensed insurance broker is necessary to set up your life insurance policy. Like the best private banks, we have our own life insurance broker, Degroof Petercam Insurance Broker, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Banque Degroof Petercam Luxembourg. This close collaboration between your bank and your broker gives you real added value while reducing intermediation costs.

Achieve your goals and ambitions with an international private bank.

Depending on your local or cross-border situation.
Your private or professional assets may be local or cross-border in nature and require tailormade support. Whether you live in Luxembourg or abroad, we use your objectives as a guideline to help you achieve your ambitions, here and elsewhere.