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Family businesses need a collective vision

Family businesses need a collective vision

By Pierre Le Pahun - Senior Estate Planner
The sustainability of family businesses, whether operational or patrimonial, requires a long-term collective vision based on the active and responsible commitment of its shareholders, particularly family shareholders, and the will to carry out a common project.
Ensuring coherent governance is therefore essential for the preservation and even the growth of the family business assets. It is a prerequisite to avoid future family conflicts with devastating potential.
At Degroof Petercam, we still have a majority of private and family shareholders, which is rare for a leading banking institution. Governance issues and support for families, particularly entrepreneurs, are therefore anchored in our DNA and positioning.

Thus, we propose to our family clients, who share this observation and wonder about the tools to be implemented, to capitalise on our experience in this area.

Through a dedicated service offering based on various experts (specialised estate planner, family officer, investment banker, private banker, philanthropy advisor, etc.), we support our clients by adopting the role of an independent trusted councel. On request and through an ad hoc engagement letter, our first mission will be to raise awareness of the governance issues (often unknown or misunderstood in their entirety), then to analyse and summarise the situation and the objectives expressed, and finally to coordinate discussions and implement dedicated solutions in conjunction with external partner advisors or family-linked advisors (lawyer, notary, specialised independent advisor, family officer, etc.). Various ancillary services are also possible: sitting on a family council, leading a dedicated seminar, etc.

To illustrate our approach, we offer you free access to a file that summarises the main governance issues.

If you wish to discuss these issues further, please contact our experts via your usual contact person or at the following email address EstatePlanning@degroofpetercam.lu.

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