Estate Planning: local or cross-border, your assets are in good hands

Let's organise your assets to prepare your future and that of future generations

The complexity of your local or transnational situation requires tailor-made solutions.
Our Estate Planning team has cross-functional and international expertise: it helps you organise your assets according to your family and professional situation. Depending on your tax residence, we take into account the specific characteristics of your assets and their history in order to realise your wishes and objectives with complete peace of mind.

Structure your


and plan your


with confidence
National and international regulations and taxation regimes are increasingly complex and constantly changing. It is therefore essential to optimise the organisation of your assets. Our experts will work with you on a long-term basis to meet your expectations and objectives in a personalised manner.



Consideration and organisation according to tax and civil aspects (matrimonial regimes) as well as the residence of your heirs and the characteristics of your assets (movable, real estate, location, etc.).


of investments
Whether financial (securities accounts, life insurance, companies, etc.) or real estate (direct and indirect), from acquisition to holding to transmission (free of charge or for a fee).

Change of


Mobility and support (administrative, civil and tax recommendations in both the country of departure and arrival, contact with local advisors, coordination and planning of the various stages).


Analysis of cross-border situations and recommendations. Taking into account the tax specificities linked to the residence in the organisation of assets and financial management.


of vulnerable persons
Assistance in the implementation of mandates in an international context (e.g.: French future protection mandate, Belgian extra-judicial mandate) or through corporate instruments.

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Asset planning

in 5 steps

Inventory of your assets
We draw up an inventory of your current situation, both family and patrimonial, including the family's composition, the movable and immovable assets in Belgium and abroad, the marriage contract, the will, the deed of gift, etc.
Current consequences and perspectives
Based on the inventory, our expert conducts a thorough analysis of your assets and estate, and we determine the tax and legal impact of your current situation.
Solutions and opportunities
We examine the possibilities for improvement, considering your wishes and factors such as the age of your children or your professional activity and prepare a written report.
Implementation of your plan
Follow-up with your lawyer, accountant, advisor, and notary: validation of draft deeds, "bank gifts".
Continuous re-evaluation
Permanent monitoring of your assets and planning according to the evolution of your situation and your specific needs.

Working together, we will

turn your philanthropic ambitions into reality

Different hands form a heart together
Do you want to develop a philanthropic project? We can help you structure it and make it even more professional by relying on the recognised expertise of the Degroof Petercam Foundation. From the idea to the measurement of the impact through the market study, we will accompany you in setting up your governance and your financing strategy. You can also benefit from our network of other philanthropists and recognised experts in your field of action.

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Define the

governance of your family business

You want to avoid family conflicts and ensure the long-term survival of your family business. This ambition requires the support of all stakeholders in a common project. We help you to think about your family business governance issues (patrimonial, mixed or professional) in order to :
  • Establish a long-term and intergenerational vision: the result of a history and shared values
  • Manage shareholder issues: voting at general meetings, dividend policy and liquidity of shares, free or costly transfer of shares, valuation, etc.
  • Consolidate the company's operational management: renewal of management bodies, remuneration and employment policy for family partners, clarification of the communication process, etc.

Benefit from the expertise of our international experts and their transversal knowledge to find solutions adapted to your needs and objectives.


What are the particularities of a family business?

Discover in our file the stakes and objectives of Governance in a family company.

Achieve your goals and ambitions with an international private bank.

Depending on your local or cross-border situation.
Your private or professional assets may be local or cross-border in nature and require tailormade support. Whether you live in Luxembourg or abroad, we use your objectives as a guideline to help you achieve your ambitions, here and elsewhere.