Art, a passion and also a lever for diversification

Discover an exclusive universe, guided by our art experts

Are you interested in investing in art? Would you like to start, manage or pass on an art collection? We can help you build and manage a collection: rely on our network, our experience and our expertise in a complex and constantly changing market. Our experts offer you the best advice through the Art Advisory service.

Art Advisory:

full guidance

, from valuation to insurance
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Our services

  • Advice on artwork acquisition
    Transparent and objective support from our independent experts in the search and acquisition process
  • Trend identification and market analysis
    Analysis and anticipation of the influencing factors of the opaque art world to help you make the most of its potential
  • Global collection management
    Follow-up and maintenance to ensure the durability of your collection: valuation, inventories, insurance, logistics, prevention, conservation and restoration
  • Advice on estate planning
    The transmission of art needs to be prepared: reflection on the moment of transmission
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Your benefits

  • A transparent service
    Supervision of commission rates, the work of our partners and our expert committee
  • Independent advice
    No bias thanks to our banking status and that of our independent experts
  • An international network
    Privileged access to the most important market places, from Paris to London and New York, through private collections and major auction houses
  • A complete service
    All your needs are covered: from inventory and logistics to insurance and estate planning
Eugénie Dumont

In order to integrate art into the heart of your assets and fully enjoy your investments, our independent experts in art and in protection of collections accompany you in the management of your artistic assets.

Eugénie Dumont, Art Collections Manager

Include your art assets

in your inheritance

Would you like to include your collection in an inheritance plan to pass it on to third parties? Our Estate Planning experts will organise this transfer of your arts assets for you and draw up an estate plan that meets your needs and wishes.

Achieve your goals and ambitions with an international private bank.

Depending on your local or cross-border situation.
Your private or professional assets may be local or cross-border in nature and require tailormade support. Whether you live in Luxembourg or abroad, we use your objectives as a guideline to help you achieve your ambitions, here and elsewhere.