Wealth Management: your assets at the heart of our approach

Make your financial ambitions a reality

Your situation and constraints are unique, especially at an international level. Growing your personal or professional wealth depends on many variables, such as your tax and secondary residence abroad, your assets situation and economic interests, your family business or your children abroad. Your Private Banker gives you direct access to our multidisciplinary experts so that together we can make your goals a reality.



offer you many options, but also raise questions. We guide you through these

often complex choices

Your needs and objectives guide our experts to :
  • Generate regular income
  • Invest your capital
  • Growing your assets
  • Financing one-off expenses
  • Plan your estate or that of a loved one
  • Diversify your investments
  • Giving meaning to your assets
  • Pass on your assets to future generations
Jean-François Genicot

Benefit from in-depth analysis thanks to the synergies between our macroeconomic and investment strategy research teams.

Jean-François Genicot, Head of Investment Management


investment strategy

at the service of your management
Gain access to top-quality investment funds with solid performance via an approach based on:
Long-term investments
By selecting undervalued assets and measuring risk premiums
Open architecture
By combining our own assets with those of recognised third party fund managers
Sustainable investments
By choosing in-house funds with a sustainable label and companies/countries with an ESG policy

Discover our

sustainable portfolio
management offer

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Your preferences 

to protect and expand your assets

Banque Degroof Luxembourg: four management mandates
Our four management mandates are adapted to your advisory needs and your desire for autonomy:
Portfolio Management
We manage your portfolio on a discretionary basis, without any intervention from you, based on your profile, your mutually agreed management objectives and investment strategy.
Portfolio Investment Advice
We provide you with various personalised recommendations on financial instruments, within the framework of a jointly agreed investment strategy. We suggest certain investments and respond to your requests for advice/recommendations on any transaction you are considering.
Ad Hoc Investment Advice
You carry out transactions in financial instruments on your own initiative, without any
consulting and you transmit your orders to us for execution. We provide you, occasionally
and at your request, with personalised recommendations on certain transactions in financial instruments.
Execution only
You carry out transactions in financial instruments on your own initiative, without any
advice, and in this context you send us orders for execution. We do not provide you with any investment advice.

Monitor, manage and develop

your family business

people meeting door
Whether you want to invest your professional assets or finance your company's projects, financial experts at Degroof Petercam are at your side. You benefit from the expertise of our extensive network and our exclusive services to find reliable financial solutions.

Achieve your goals and ambitions with an international private bank.

Depending on your local or cross-border situation.
Your private or professional assets may be local or cross-border in nature and require tailormade support. Whether you live in Luxembourg or abroad, we use your objectives as a guideline to help you achieve your ambitions, here and elsewhere.