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Life insurance : a real wealth structuring tool

Degroof Petercam Insurance Broker S.A. (DPIB) is an insurance brokerage company licensed by the Luxembourg Insurance Commission in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. DPIB is wholly owned by Banque Degroof Petercam Luxembourg S.A.

We assist our clients in

analysing the opportunities that a life insurance solution may represent

in the organisation of their assets.
Our independence in fulfilling our mission allows us to decide whether or not to implement a solution for our clients. We will never recommend a life insurance solution to our clients if the real interest of the proposed contract is not detected.

Offering a life insurance policy to a client is a specific business that is subject to precise laws, constraints and rules. These requirements demand that our clients be served by a professional who masters all aspects of his or her profession. The contracts offered by DPIB are, for the most part, life insurance contracts commonly known as investment insurance.
Belgian tax residents will find information on the description of the nature and risks of savings and investment insurance on the website, under the heading "Save and invest” both for contracts not linked to investment funds (branch 21) and for contracts linked to investment funds (branch 23).


scope of action

DPIB is authorised to operate under the freedom to provide services in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland. Working almost exclusively with the entities of the Degroof Petercam Group as asset manager, we offer insurance solutions to the Bank's clients with complete independence in the choice of companies.



This agreement details all the elements required when you sign your contract and indicates the essential elements. By sending a message with your contact details and a description of the proposed transaction, we will contact you to send you a copy of our distribution agreement.

Before entering into a relationship with a broker, you are entitled to read the agreement that will bind you to the broker. You will find all the information required by law before entering into a relationship in the Documents & Conditions section.

Types of services

and contracts offered
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We provide advice on life insurance (or capitalisation) contracts, carry out all the preparatory work for their conclusion and assist in their management and execution. If the contract meets your concerns and it is decided to implement it, then the intervention of an insurance broker is necessary.
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The life insurance (or investment insurance) contracts offered may or may not be linked to investment funds and are subject to discretionary management. We also offer contracts that offer a simple capitalisation operation.



The insurance broker's main objective is to select the right contract with the right partner to perfectly suit your situation. Based on more than fifteen different criteria, we select our partners from among the largest companies in the Luxembourg market and analyse the prospectuses of the funds they offer for sale.
If the pricing of the contract is important, we consider that the financial health of the company, its experience and skills in the market and the way the contract operates are elements to be taken into consideration before we suggest that you enter into a relationship with the company.
Depending on your country of residence and your interests, we will choose the company that best serves you. We invite you to visit the websites of the various companies listed below to obtain all the information you need before taking out your policy.
Wealins Wealth Insurer
12, rue Eugène Ruppert
L-2453 Luxembourg
+352 45 89 22
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