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Your assets in good hands

Successful entrepreneurs, liberal professions, businesses, families and private investors receive advise to manage, build-up and transfer their capital throughout their lives.
Your money invested with the highest care, your ambitions and projects actively followed up. We give your assets a foundation, sharpen them by hand in every situation, and get more value out of your capital. You can count on Degroof Petercam: close to you, resilient and financially stable. Today and in the future.

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Pioneers in investment funds and experts in private banking since 1871. At Degroof Petercam you have the expertise of different metiers.

Leading in asset management

A closer look to investment funds
Thanks to private bankers, you can be sure of investment funds and solutions that are among the best on the market.
Degroof Petercam is the largest independent Belgian asset manager with muscular financial strength.
The long-term management of your assets is in good hands, at any time of your life.



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Degroof Petercam chooses the investment strategies that have proven their worth in the most turbulent periods and over the long term.

The management we advocate leads to
sustainable results. 

Investment strategies in practice

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DP Global Strategy L Medium - B
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