Finances methodology


The Foundation receives 0.30% of the net result of the Degroof Petercam group, with a minimum of 250 000 euros per year. Moreover, it receives donations from clients of Degroof Petercam. It currently has an annual granting budget of more than 1 million euros.
Degroof Petercam manages the assets of the Foundation.
In essence, the Foundation wants to leave a mark on society. For example, by addressing the theme of employment in all aspects, including its assets and investments. The Foundation manages its impact on society by avoiding investments in specific sectors and applying strict environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria.


According to The Degroof Petercam Foundation's rule, 25% of the expenses maximum are overhead costs. In regards to the mission of the DPF, the central part of the budget goes to impact.