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We have excellent long-term relationships with our clients. Over 100 years of experience.

Degroof Petercam has more than 100 years of experience in financial markets. Professional and institutional clients rely on us to execute their orders and help them finding solutions for their investment needs or risk hedging. We maintain excellent long-term relationships with our institutional clients throughout Europe and the US.



An experienced team of sell-side analysts, spread over Brussels and Amsterdam. In total, the team covers >140 companies from the Benelux, France and Germany. With some 120 Benelux names, we have one of the largest coverages in our home turf. From a sector approach, next to our Benelux focus, we have a strong emphasis on Real Estate, Healthcare and Investment companies. The research team provides regular updates on each company we cover combined with in-depth, detailed research notes as well as sector reports.
Our sell-side analyst team is available to write detailed research reports on behalf of companies. This "commissioned research" includes both in-depth analysis and commentary on important news about the company in question.

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To Sell-side Research

Equity Sales and

Sales Trading

Based in both Brussels and Amsterdam, our experienced team of Equity Sales and Sales Traders markets Degroof Petercam’s research product and offers trading capabilities to institutional clients across Europe and in the U.S.
Although our Sales Traders offer our clients access to the world’s principal equity exchanges, we have a strong focus on local Benelux companies, European REITS and European Biotech & Medtech companies. Thanks to our fundamental analysis combined with local market knowledge, we offer our clients liquidity and best in class execution. We pride ourselves to be regularly involved in secondary block trades, private placements, accelerated book buildings and IPO’s.
The sales team provides professional investors with research, idea generation, personalized follow-up on investments, access to analysts and primary deals. We also assist our clients in their search for liquidity. Next to this, the sales team offers investors corporate access through one-on-one or group meetings with management, conferences and on-site visits. Our dedicated event team organizes more than 1000 investor meetings through roadshows and annual thematic seminars such as Healthcare, Real Estate and Consumer Conferences, Benelux days in Madrid, Zurich and Paris.



Our dedicated sales team is offering a tailor-made approach towards each individual client, based on in-depth knowledge of the bond market and the needs of investors, more specifically in the context of the evolution of the markets.
  • Primary market: private or public issues on behalf of Belgian corporates
  • Secondary market: European corporate and government fixed income products
  • Market making: Degroof Petercam’s DCM-originated bonds and other Belgian and French corporate issues

Corporate Broking

& Syndication
Our Corporate Broking and Syndication team is helping corporate clients in their search for investors and Global Markets solutions. Acting as intermediary between corporates and investors, we organize company related events towards institutional investors, such as company roadshows, tailor-made field trips and conferences.
We are also coordinating the preparation and execution of capital market transactions and can help with equity related services, like share buy-back contracts, liquidity providing on Euronext, paid research,...
The team is known as a reference player in the Benelux small and midcap market and can help you to get the maximum out of each mandate.

Derivatives and

structured products

At Degroof Petercam, we also trade in derivatives and structured products. You can rely on our Derivatives Desk to structure, sell and trade all types of derivatives. These can be listed, OTC or structured products. Count on us to develop customised solutions.

Stock Option

Degroof Petercam is a partner for stock options and bonus schemes for more than 85 Belgian companies. Stock options allow you to make your employees' variable remuneration more advantageous for your company. All our solutions comply with the regulations of Belgian tax law. Our services include comprehensive management of financial aspects such as issue, purchase and option valuations, structuring, tax aspects, and the associated software.
  • Short term plan or warrants plan
  • Long term plan
  • Long term plan Plus
  • Long term incentive plans
  • Stock options on treasury shares
  • Discounted shares


exchange transactions

Degroof Petercam offers a complete range of foreign exchange products through a team of experts dedicated to the execution of client transactions.
The products handled are spot and forward foreign exchange, deliverable and non-deliverable, currency options, precious metals, and derivatives.
Regardless of your need for hedging or portfolio diversification, our team can assist you via our online trading platform and guarantees an execution in line with the best market standards.

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