Degroof Petercam: since 1871

Since our foundation in 1871, we remained faithful to our purpose: creating responsible prosperity for all. Over all these decades, we opened doors to opportunities and showcased the entrepreneurial spirit of our predecessors. We have always interacted with a world in motion. From economic and financial bloom to tough recessions. We have witnessed all tides.

Our history

Degroof Petercam was founded in 1871 by visionary Franz Philippson, who was only 20 at the time. Over decades, many passionate people contributed to our company’s successes, whether in the limelight or in the background. They all shared the same infinite mindset: we are in this for the long run and seek sustainable solutions, across generations.

Our growth

This drive and resilience allowed us to thrive in an ever-changing world.Over time, we continued our steady growth through all economic and financial cycles, including through mergers and acquisitions. We expanded our expertise and activities with the support of our stable shareholders while never losing sight of our social role.

Our future

But it’s not so much the years and successes of the past that count, but what we will do with them in the future. We continue to think ahead, provide structural solutions and guide our clients in wealth accumulation.

Discover more about our history in the video below.
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