Capital Markets as an additional source of funding

Customized advice and financing solutions

Do you have big ambitions for your company and are you looking for additional financing solutions via the capital markets?
Degroof Petercam is a recognized expert in capital market transactions, both in equity and debt markets. We can help you with IPOs, capital increases, placing existing shares with new investors and issuing bonds. Our experts will advise you at every stage of your financing process.

Unique expertise

 in corporate finance
and capital markets
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€ 93 million

Adviser to the shareholderJanuary 2023
Thanks to the unique combination of our Corporate Finance teams (which assist you in structuring the transaction) and our Global Markets teams (which have their own trading room, a high-quality placement capacity, and access to a large international network of investors in Europe), Degroof Petercam is the ideal partner to guide you through all stages of the process.

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Equity Capital Markets:

IPOs, share issuances, capital increases

Are you looking to raise capital through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) with or without the issuance of new shares, an issuance of new listed shares, or a public or private placement of existing shares of your listed company? Degroof Petercam assists you in all phases of the transaction: structuring, negotiation, valuation, presentation to investors, documentation, market execution and constitution of order books. We can also provide you with active follow-up after the IPO or after the transaction.
  • Initial public offerings (IPOs) with or without the issuance of new shares
  • Capital increases through the issuance of new shares
  • Placement of existing shares
  • Repurchase of own shares
  • Public and private placements

Debt Capital Markets: issuance

of bonds, debts, loans

Do you wish to issue bonds or take out loans to bring additional financing to your company? Degroof Petercam assists you in the public or private issuance of debt instruments (loans or bonds). We advise you at every stage of the transaction to help you make the right choices. Whether it is the right product, the right terms, the right format (listed or unlisted, public or private placement, retail bonds), the right maturity, the right cost structure and the right timing of the transaction. We can also help you request an official rating.
  • (Corporate) Bonds
  • Private loans
  • European Private Placements
  • Debt securities
  • High Yield Bonds
  • Convertible Bonds

Capital Advisory:

optimisation of your capital structure

We guarantee independent advice on your capital structure. We conduct a detailed analysis of your current financing structure, examine the equity/debt ratio, and suggest possible improvements. The goal? More flexibility and growth for your business thanks to a tailored solution.
  • Capital Structuring Advisory
  • Debt Advisory
  • Rating Advisory



Degroof Petercam is proud to have assisted its numerous clients with its independent financial advice in their growth capital, fundraising, IPOs, private placements, capital increases, and debt, loan, or bond issues.
Discover below an overview of the Capital Markets transactions successfully advised by our Corporate Finance experts.
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HealthcareDegroof Petercam icon

€ 93 million

Adviser to the shareholderJanuary 2023
HealthcareDegroof Petercam icon

€ 31 million

Joint Global CoordinatorDecember 2022
Real estateDegroof Petercam icon

€ 49 million

Global CoordinatorDecember 2022
Real estateDegroof Petercam icon

€ 61 million

Joint BookrunnerOctober 2022
Real estateDegroof Petercam icon

€ 107 million

Global Coordinator & Joint Global CoordinatorJune 2022
Food & BeverageDegroof Petercam icon

€ 50 million

Joint Lead Manager & Joint BookrunnerJune 2022
Corporate Finance

From raising capital to mergers & acquisitions

Our Corporate Finance experts are specialised in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), Financial Advisory, and capital markets (Equity & Debt Capital Markets) for corporates, family companies, financial institutions, private equity funds, government agencies, and listed companies.
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