Sustainable investment as a strategy for a better future

sustainable investment

Are you interested in companies that integrate environmental and social objectives, or do you want to positively impact the future of our society and our planet through your investments?

Then, you can rely on Degroof Petercam's expertise in sustainable and ESG investment products since 2001. Recently, the regulatory environment for sustainable and ESG investments has evolved significantly.
As a result, investment products with the 'sustainable' label have to meet strict sustainability criteria, and you as an investor can make a choice as well. Degroof Petercam has all the expertise to guide you in your sustainable investment choices.

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Discover our methodology and how we integrate sustainability and ESG criteria into our investment policy. Please get to know our approach and how it works for you and your investments.

This is an opportunity to address these topics together, and to reflect, on the one hand on the influence of sustainability aspects on your portfolio, and on the other hand, on the influence of your portfolio on sustainability aspects.

Elisabeth Nève de Mévergnies, Sustainability Expert


and ESG investments
ESG investments are investments in companies selected based on environmental, social, and good governance criteria. However, Europe is raising the bar for sustainable investments: by applying strict rules and objectives to selecting companies that carry out economic activities with a positive impact on society and the world. Sustainable investment thus goes a step further than ESG investment.


Criteria based on three pillars:
  • Environmental or Environment (E)
  • Social (S)
  • Good Governance (G)

Sustainable products

and activities
Sustainable investments have an explicit objective, which can be environmental and social. Examples are the use of renewable energy, the reduction of carbon emissions, the promotion of the circular economy, the fight against inequality, the promotion of labor relations, or the investment in human capital.

Your sustainability preferences shape the future

Would you like to place greater emphasis on investments that contribute to environmental, social and sustainability objectives?

Then it's a good thing that your investment profile, in which we assess your risk appetite or aversion and your investment objectives, is supplemented by a questionnaire that aims to capture your sustainability preferences.

The changes in the MiFID II regulation are intended to better link financial instruments to your sustainability preferences in portfolio management or investment advice, and to allow you as an investor to develop your knowledge of existing sustainable products and instruments.

Find out more about the financial instruments that can be used to meet your sustainability preferences.
sustainable finance blocks green grass

Do you want to have a more sustainable and positive influence on the future through your investments?

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