Sustainable investment as a strategy for a better future

Focus on ESG investment and sustainability since 2001

Do you want to have a positive influence on the future of our society and our planet through your investments? Investors have relied on the expertise of Degroof Petercam for sustainable and ESG investment products since 2001.
However, the regulations concerning Impact Investing, SRI, and sustainable investment have undergone massive changes: investment products marketed under the label ‘sustainable’ will have to meet rigorous sustainability criteria. Degroof Petercam will be pleased to point the way and guide you in your sustainable investment choices.
Maxime Boccart

For several years, we have seen demand for both ESG and SRI investments rise, with 2020 and the strong performance of both types of investments during the Covid-19 crisis acting as a clear accelerator of demand.

Maxim Boccart, Fund Manager

ESG investing: a positive story

ESG investing is investing in companies that are selected based on criteria linked to three pillars:
  • Environment (E)
  • Social (S)
  • Good Governance (G)
These ESG criteria are widely accepted around the world as the way to build more positive businesses and more sustainable society. In other words, ESG goes beyond mere attention to CO2 emissions or the climate and also takes into account factors such as working conditions or how many women are on the board. At Degroof Petercam, we have developed a robust ESG process over the past 20 years and have built up extensive experience.
Elisabeth Nève de Mévergnies

The cost of acting today will be much less than the cost to society in the future if nothing is done.

Elisabeth Nève de Mévergnies, Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager

Investing in sustainable

products and activities

Sustainable investments are investments with an explicitly sustainable objective, which may be environmental or social. Consider, for example, the use of renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, stimulating the circular economy, addressing inequality, promoting labor relations, or investing in human capital. It means that sustainable investing goes one step further than ESG investing.
Kris Organe

Demand for investments with a clear positive social impact is increasing because the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals provides, for the first time, a clear frame of reference for determining what positive impact is.

Kris Organe, Sustainability Expert

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Stable long-term


It was long thought that choosing an ESG or sustainable approach would come at the expense of investment performance. However, the opposite is true. Our experience in researching, analyzing, and selecting securities that meet these ESG and sustainability criteria helps to ensure that we generate stable returns over the long term.

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Do you want to have a more sustainable and positive influence on the future through your investments?

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