Finance your projects with a Lombard credit

Your assets under management as security for your loan

You can apply for Lombard credits at Degroof Petercam to finance your projects. These loans are secured by your assets, both private and professional, which are under management at our bank.
With a Lombard credit, you can take advantage of investment opportunities without compromising your long-term investment strategy.
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Gain access to easy liquidity to

realise your ambitions

  • Purchase of real estate (in Belgium and abroad)
  • Diversify your investment portfolio
  • Risk diversification
  • Asset planning transactions
  • Purchase of a stake in a company (listed or unlisted)
  • Reallocation of shareholdings
  • Loan to a company with private assets as security
  • Acquisition of works of art, vintage cars and other assets

Accumulated expertise in Lombard credits

Degroof Petercam has built up expertise over the years in providing Lombard credits to wealthy families, private clients, entrepreneurs and company directors to help them grow their personal and professional wealth. Both individuals and legal entities can contact us for Lombard credits.

Mortgage collateral as security for a loan

In combination with the pledge of part of your portfolio, a mortgage security can also serve as a guarantee for a loan. This is an attractive alternative to a traditional mortgage loan. You finance your new project while continuing to see the return on your assets under management at our bank.

A Private Banker at your side at all times. At every stage of life.

We offer the best management for your growing assets at every stage of your life. With our expertise and considered approach, Degroof Petercam has brought peace of mind to families, individuals, and companies for 150 years. You will have a private banker at your side at all times with us.
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