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La Mouseion: The unthinkable Experiment

Degroof Petercam - Marketing & Communication Specialist
Even the unthinkable is possible, if we dare to think outside the box. This is the message that Koen Vanmechelen (conceptual artist) and Karine Van Doninck (evolutionary biologist) explain further in this video.
With The Unthinkable Experiment they manage to combine art and science. “We can never stop thinking critically about solutions for a new society.”
Koen Vanmechelen: ”Everything can be done in the future, if we dare to break frames and keep a critical mind. Young people are pushing the bounderies today while our generation, which is in charge, doesn’t like change. In La Mouseion we invite young people to come and think critically about the future and leave their ideas for a better society behind.”
Karine Van Doninck: ”Also in science we have to keep thinking critically and ask ourselves: how sure are we about our scientific discoveries and the data we collect? For instance in regards to covid? Because the research tools are made by humans too. We must never stop thinking critically. That’s what this Unthinkable Experiment is all about.”
Want to know more about the scientifically artwork they sent to space together with ESA (European Space Agency) and the way space makes this artwork evolve? Discover it in this video!
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