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​​​"Supporting the Makers of tomorrow's employment solutions"

​​Why a foundation?​

Ever since its foundation in 1871, Bank Degroof Petercam (DP) upheld a commitment to be an enterprise which grants each individual the possibility to become the architect of his or her own development.

The Degroof Petercam Foundation (DPF) was created with the intention of helping fellow citizens who are not in a position to do so themselves, take ownership over their lives and futures. We believe that it is not the size of our company that makes us great, but our humane values and expertise.

The Foundation was founded in 2008. Operating as a Public Interest Foundation, we have assisted 30 innovative projects on their path to scale, reaching over 1000 people in search for employment and professional growth.

The 10th anniversary of the Foundation was the opportunity to review our strategy and innovate in the way we support for-impact organizations.  
We focus on  solutions that provide skills, entrepreneurship, and job market support.

The DPF Award will celebrate and support:

1 new Laureate per year

• 1 Million € commitment
• 300 hours of non-financial support & networking opportunities
• 5 years of support

2 new runners-up per year: 

• One shot 50k€ grant 
• Non-financial support and networking opportunities

​Our Impact Model & Programmatic Priorities​

Our vision

We believe in a sustainable, all-inclusive society, where everyone has a chance to thrive.

Our mission

We support the Makers of tomorrow's employment solutions on their path to scale.

​​Where to play?​​​

The Foundation is working with leaders (for-impact organizations) that are scaling solutions providing support to un(der)employment.
Winning solutions are selected through a highly competitive 5-stage selection process:
  • Nomination
  • Online selection
  • Remote due diligence 
  • Field visit
  • Jury

Basic selection criteria:
  • Geography: Belgium, France, Luxembourg 
  • Scope: Skills, Entrepreneurship, Job accessibility
  • Maturity: Project with a proven impact and the ambition to scale-up

The Foundation does not accept spontaneous applications. Potential candidates to the Foundation's support will be contacted proactively by the Foundation.

3.1 Mio people unemployed in the countries we are active in
(Belgium, France, Luxembourg)
16 Mio  people unemployed in Europe

173 Mio people unemployed globally
(ILO, 2019)

​The change we want to see​

We distinguish three types of interventions which can help address unemployment challenges, and we have studied the applicability of each solution by age group:
  • Skill-building: Develop skills that fit the needs of the labor market – before and during employment. Solutions include: formal training, customized education, re-skill programs, experiential learning, co-created curricula, standards & certifications, lifelong learning.

  • Fostering entrepreneurship: Stimulate entrepreneurship & self-employment as powerful levers for economic growth. Solutions include: vocational training, mentorship, collaboration & innovation support, visibility & recognition, financing & loan accommodation.

  • Bringing together talent and jobs: Align talent to, and match with, market demands. Solutions include: career guidance, job search support, provision of job market information/closing of information gaps, (specialized) placement support, training, flexible working models.

Winner of DPF Award 2019

DUO for a JOB pairs young job-seekers having a migrant background with experienced workers (50 years and older) who can assist them in finding a job. The non-profit organization serves both young people and potential counselors. It was founded in Brussels in 2013, and is now active in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent  and Liège. The objective of this partnership is to help the organization to expand its activities throughout Europe, starting in France.

​​Board members

Xavier Van Campenhout
Degroof Petercam Foundation

Board Member
Degroof Petercam Foundation

Jean-Marc Verbist

Board Member
Degroof Petercam Foundation
Head Group Chief HR Officer

Anouk Schouppe
Board Member
Degroof Petercam Foundation
Senior Private Banker

Etienne Denoël
Board Member
Degroof Petercam Foundation
CEO, NGO Agir pour l'enseignement

Patrick Wagenaar
Board Member
Degroof Petercam Foundation
Head of private banking, Degroof Petercam Luxembourg

Silvia Steisel
Managing Director
Degroof Petercam Foundation
Head of Philanthropy Degroof Petercam