Trust. Knowledge. Buy. Time.

Trust. Knowledge.

We understand the different sides of your wealth

What is 


to you?
Trust. Knowledge.
We understand there are different sides to this question. A sophisticated balance between work and life. Business and leisure. Growth and legacy. Wealth and family.

By being close to you, wherever you are in life, we aim to provide you with financial guidance that fits your needs.
Since 1871, we’ve had the privilege of guiding families and businesses. Towards responsible prosperity. Towards something that lasts. With trust. With knowledge.
Trust. Knowledge. Value. Life.

For every decision in life

As an investment house, we offer you a comprehensive range of services to meet your needs. We maintain a multidisciplinary approach, providing you with tailored innovative solutions. For every stage of your life.
Private Banking
Asset Management
Investment Banking
Asset Services

A private banker at your side

With us, you will have a private banker at your side at all times. Your financial goals are our guideline. Put your confidence in our services for your assets.

Private banking


We offer you a wide range of possibilities in investment services. No matter which approach you choose, it always reflects a vision. Find the management mandate or service that matches your needs and your budget. With trust. And knowledge.
discretionary portfolio management

Core Strategy

You delegate your portfolio management. You make full use of our teams’ investment strategy and expertise in ESG and sustainable investments through our patrimonial funds.
discretionary portfolio management


You entrust the management of your portfolio to our experts. Your portfolio is broadly diversified thanks to the active management of our selection of investment funds.
discretionary portfolio management


You delegate your portfolio management. You are regularly informed by a team of experts who create a customized portfolio for you, which can include investment funds and individual lines (stocks, bonds etc.).

Advisory Partner

You are involved in the management of your portfolio. You benefit from a dedicated investment advisor to validate your investment choices with our best expertise in analysis and asset selection.
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