Discover a private bank that knows what works and understands what is essential.

You are


You are unique
Who has the same dreams, ambitions, and aspirations as you? And who, moreover, has precisely the same family situation, financial capacity, knowledge, experience, and risk appetite as you? No one! You, as an investor, are as unique as your fingerprint.

And so, your assets deserve an equally unique approach. With 150 years of experience and in-house specialists in each field, Degroof Petercam always offers you total solutions tailored to your assets. How? By getting to know you first. And by listening carefully to your wishes, objectives, and concerns. So let us know who you are and what drives you.

Talk to us about your assets, but tell us about yourself first.


assets too

At Degroof Petercam, you can choose from four different management and advisory approaches. So you are always sure of an approach that suits you perfectly.
  • Do you like to entrust the management of your assets to professionals?
    With our discretionary management, you don't have to worry about a thing.
  • You prefer to manage your investment portfolio yourself?
    With structured investment advice, you decide with the help of our specialists.
  • Are you interested in Degroof Petercam's know-how?
    With patrimonial investment advice, you will reap the maximum benefits of our strategic and tactical vision.
  • Do you want a digital approach and professional guidance from an expert?
    With the Advisory Platform, you get the best of both worlds.
And that's not all. Since your assets extend far beyond your investment portfolio, we offer you various supplementary, tailor-made asset management services. Your assets are unique; so is our approach.

Discover a private bank that knows what works and understands what is essential.

Your assets

at Degroof Petercam
We specialize in you. With 150 years of experience in advice and asset management, the specialists of Degroof Petercam can translate your wishes, objectives, and concerns into an efficient approach that takes into account all the aspects of your assets.

Your advantages at Degroof Petercam
  • You get total tailored solutions
    Our solutions take into account all aspects of your assets.
  • You reap the benefits of our expertise
    With 150 years of in-house expertise, we are at home in all financial markets.
  • Your needs change, your private banker thinks along with you
    When your life takes a new turn, we are by your side.

Degroof Petercam.

The private bank, specialized in you.

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