We support all those who want to move forward,

today and tomorrow

Investors, entrepreneurs, institutions, companies, and our employees: we support everyone who wants to move forward. Today and tomorrow. We believe in the human values and accessibility of our experts. It is what makes us great, not the size of our company. Bank Degroof Petercam also wants to be the best place to work. We want to attract talented employees and do everything we can to keep them. That is why we constantly invest in their personal development and talents.
Our family shareholders embody our human approach and anchor our bank's capital. They are the guarantors of our flexibility and stability across generations.
While strategies and practices may change in a fast-paced world, our corporate values remain intact. These values are central to our employees' commitment and our ongoing commitment to you.

By making opportunities accessible and guiding our clients with our expertise, we create responsible wealth for all.

  • WE (Sylvie Huret)
    Our success is the result of cooperation. ‘We’ includes all our people across the business and support departments and locations. It represents our diversity and the unique mix of our four businesses. ‘We’ is the aggregate of all the individual talents that make their mark at Degroof Petercam. Now, in the past and the future.
  • CREATE (Bruno Colmant)
    We have the entrepreneurial spirit to move forward. ‘Create’ means much more than ‘advice’; it means turning innovative ideas into tangible actions and delivering real results that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our company has been creating unique moments to move our economy and society forward, and we will continue to pursue this objective.
  • RESPONSIBLE (Thomas Van Rompuy)
    Instead of jumping on the latest trends, we focus on long-term developments. "Responsible' means that we take responsibility not only for not harm but also for making a positive impact. We are committed to the long term and seek sustainable solutions for future generations.
  • PROSPERITY (Xavier Van Campenhout)
    The term 'prosperity' has many meanings. It refers to financial wealth, wealth, success, and economic prosperity and well-being. At Degroof Petercam, prosperity is an ambition rooted in the past and looking to the future. Since our foundation, our family shareholders have shared this ambition over several generations.
  • FOR EVERYONE (Veronique Peterbroeck)
    Our inclusion spirit extends beyond the many initiatives we undertake in corporate social responsibility and our Foundation. Our footprint goes beyond profit. We care about the environment, social values, and governance. We have the strength to invest consciously and ensure that the economy and society benefit from our work.
  • OPENING DOORS (Jacques-Martin Philippson)
    "Opening doors" means that we encourage curiosity, connection, and collective intelligence. We have built solid and exclusive relationships with many professionals and partners over the years. We leverage our expertise and network to provide our clients and employees with access to new connections and initiatives.
    We strive for excellence for our clients by providing clear added value, cutting-edge expertise, and premium services. We listen to the future and draw our customers' attention to what is to come. Instead of pushing our products, we prefer to think about long-term sustainable solutions that enable our customers to achieve their ambitions.
    We know our clients well, and we are close to them. To "accompany" them means that we stand by them as their confidants, building lasting partnerships based on trust. Our clients rely on us to guide them in the right direction at every stage of their lives.
    Expertise is in our DNA. Our talented and passionate colleagues are the representatives of our know-how. Our experts are driven by integrity and professionalism. They combine excellent skills with a deep understanding of our clients and our company's direction.

Sustainable vision:

Private Bank, Collective Benefit
We are conscious of having a social responsibility beyond our activities and services for our clients. We contribute to society by promoting ethical finance and sustainable and ESG investments, and our commitment to social responsibility and philanthropy. Bank Degroof Petercam has invested in the following initiatives over the past decades:


investment solutions
Sustainable and ESG (environmental, social and governance) investment funds


Our dedicated philanthropy department

Degroof Petercam


Promoting employment


of our employees

Socially responsible investment (SRI) is about investing in companies, organisations, and funds to give a positive impulse to society. Without losing sight of financial returns. Through sustainable and ESG investments, we address urgent needs such as global warming, access to education for all, public health, and sustainable agriculture. Degroof Petercam has been making this possible for over 10 years, and we want to continue to lead the way.

Sustainability and ESG are the way forward, both economically and socially. Sustainable and ESG investing means we make a positive footprint that benefits everyone. That is why at Degroof Petercam, we have been firmly committed to sustainability and ESG integration since 2001. You, too, can make the same choice, along with us. Let’s look beyond today and invest in a better future.

Philanthropy is part of the DNA

of our bank
In 2007, Degroof Petercam set up a Philanthropy department at our shareholders' initiative and the board of directors. We aimed to make it possible to advise, support, and guide clients in their philanthropic ambitions and to better structure and fulfill our social commitments.
Today, our Estate Planning department advises and supports our clients in their philanthropic initiatives. A dynamic team of professionals promotes awareness of philanthropy's importance in our society and works to establish an international philanthropic network.
Degroof Petercam advocates proactive, professional philanthropy resolutely aimed at maximising social impact. As such, we are aligned with the principles of venture philanthropy, which combines the corporate world's best practices and startups with those of non-profit organisations and similar groups.
  • We support the Gingo Community, the first-ever digital platform for collaborative philanthropy in Belgium, in several areas.
  • We organise forums on philanthropy where leading philanthropists share their experiences with our clients.
  • We create communities of benefactors so that philanthropists working in the same field can interact and build synergies. Examples of this include Next Generation (a community that promotes education) and Pulse Foundation (a foundation that promotes entrepreneurship and was established with our support).
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