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The Degroof Petercam Foundation (DPF) was created in 2008 as a public utility foundation and is now one of the ten largest Belgian foundations.
It selects and supports innovative employment solutions. The solutions focus on developing skills for the future, contributing to the creation of future jobs by making entrepreneurship more attractive, and offering help to people who find it more challenging to get a job.
Our Vision

Our vision

We believe in a sustainable, inclusive society in which all people have a chance to thrive through a quality job.
Our mission

Our mission

We support social entrepreneurs and innovators scaling their solutions for employment.


million unemployed in the three countries where we operate (Belgium, France, and Luxembourg)


million unemployed worldwide (Source: Ilo, 2019).

Our programs:

The Degroof Petercam Foundation Award

The Degroof Petercam Foundation lateral programs

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Founded in 2008, Degroof Petercam Foundation (DPF) is one of the ten largest Belgian foundations. Download our brochure and find out more about our history and goals.

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