Successful entrepreneurship with your private banker as "compagnon de route”

What you build with your business, company, or as an independent professional is the result of your investment of time, money, and hard work. You want to protect your investment, and only the best financial solutions for yourself and your company are good enough.
Here, your private banker acts as a sounding board and "compagnon de route", sharing his expertise with you, your company and your family. All aspects of your private and professional assets and your company are discussed. Together we get more out of your company or activity.

Why a private banker is the perfect match

for an entrepreneur?
by Adel Smaele
Regional Director East Flanders

Your private banker supports your trajectory

  • Your private banker helps you with private investments and succession planning and interprets the balance sheet and financial statements of your company.
  • Count on him as a sounding board throughout the years. He advises you during every stage of your life: from the creation of your company, the expansion of your business, the withdrawal of capital from your business, and the right time to sell.
  • You will receive support through our legal specialists in civil law or tax matters, including for your family.
  • He also provides financial analysis, FDI, stock option plans, and the best way to build a pension.

This way, he lays the bridge between you and the specialists you need. Feel free to call it a "compagnon de route".

As an entrepreneur,

why choose a private banker?

  • Customization for your company or partnership,
  • A partner with total solutions,
  • An integrated approach to your private and business assets,
  • Focus on your stage of life as an entrepreneur and your family,
  • Financial solutions that work.

A Private Banker at your side at all times. At every stage of life.

Degroof Petercam has the right financial solutions for your business, whether you are a self-employed professional, a company, or an entrepreneur.


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  • Sustainable investment
  • DRD funds
  • Individual pension commitment (IPC)
  • Liquidation reserve
  • Stock option plans
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