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Degroof Petercam - Marketing & Communication Specialist
Our history began 150 years ago. This anniversary is an opportunity to look back at the glorious pages of our past, but also the perfect time to look forward into the future.

Entrepreneurship is our engine, expertise our essence

In a world that has its own complexities and where we face crucial challenges, we want to continue to open new doors and welcome new opportunities with kindness and intelligence. To rise and reach higher.
This is the spirit that Franz Philippson, a young entrepreneur, dreamed of when he opened his bank in 1871. We put this spirit of excellence, this proactive energy, at the service of our clients, by providing them with concrete solutions and offering them sustainable and equitable performance. In other words, performance that has a positive impact on them and on the community.
We innovate to ensure that their assets stories prosper, protect them from hazards and defend their financial interests, and whatever the circumstances, we move forward.
For them, true to the fundamentals and values handed on by our predecessors, we are guided by a mission: we create collective and responsible prosperity, opening doors to opportunity and supporting our clients with expertise.
Our mission: to create collective and responsible prosperity, opening doors to opportunity and supporting our clients with expertise. 
Discover our DNA through our shareholders and colleagues in this video:


New book by our economists

For our 150th anniversary, our economic research teams are publishing a new book: 'Past and Future of Macroeconomics and Financial Markets', in which they offer an analysis of economic and financial developments over the past 150 years. Crisis after crisis, central banks have strengthened the foundations of their monetary policy. The book draws lessons from this situation, but also from the recent COVID crisis.
What macroeconomic lessons can we learn from this crisis? How much greener will the economic recovery become? What role can Europe play in the geopolitical showdown between America and China? What returns can investors reasonably expect in a world of very low or even negative interest rates?  
In addition to looking at the past, this book also attempts to provide answers to the many questions about the future from an economic and financial point of view, in a context of health crisis. This book is a testimony to the quality of Degroof Petercam's macroeconomic and financial expertise. Its ambition: to contribute to the expansion of economic thought and to a better and fairer world
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Trust. Knowledge.

Trust. Knowledge.

Since 1871, we strive to be the best, not the biggest, investment house. Trust and knowledge are at the core of everything we do.
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