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Businesses as a force against climate change

By Degroof Petercam - Marketing & Communication Specialist
Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of this time. Being more than a bank, Degroof Petercam supports ecological innovation, entrepreneurship and aims at more ESG-integrated and sustainable investments. In this video we want to inspire you with 2 visionary speakers and entrepreneurs who have made it their life goal to work on solutions for climate change. What unites them is the area where nature and entrepreneurship overlap.

Jasper Bloemen (founder of Glimpse):

“What we see nowadays, is that the amount of CO2 produced due to human activity has become too much for our planet (trees, forests, oceans) to absorb. If we want to reduce global warming, we must act now, and one of the things we must do is change or re-invent our economy. The challenge that we tackle with Glimpse, is how to implement these insights and changes into our daily economy. There’s a lot of business opportunities in a greener economy, and more and more companies are beginning to see this.”

Frank Missoul (co-founder of Forest Forward):

“One of the solutions to climate change, is forestation or planting trees. With Forest Forward we try to motivate companies in Flanders to start foresting, very close to their company. Through our company they can lease a piece of ground to plant their own company forest, and this has turned out to be a great success. Even if forestation is only one step in the process of tackling climate change, it’s an important one and a great place to start.”
Want to know more about how businesses can contribute to a greener economy? Watch the video above and find out.
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