The Degroof Petercam Foundation lateral programs

Our social

finance support

In that regard, DPF provided bridge loans intending to close the timing gap inherent in the revenue model in the fiscal year 2020 of the supported organizations and grants to support projects with a quick solution to the coronavirus crisis.
  • Funds for Good: a zero-interest loan of 100 000€ to allow them to issue 'loans of honor' to unemployed people who want to get out of precarious employment through entrepreneurship or societal entrepreneurs.
  • IDrops: a zero-interest loan of 60 000€ earmarked for the "AZO" project, a project in which refugees and newcomers are guided towards entrepreneurship by organizing training courses, information sessions, and workshops and offering personalized guidance.
  • Microstart: a 100 000€ grant to create an urgent loan fund to micro-entrepreneurs. With the help of other partners, Microstart provided 485 ‘loans of honor’ for a total of 1.205.484€ loaned.
  • Pulse Foundation: a 40 000€ grant to help launch “Revival” to support entrepreneurs facing bankruptcy. The project manager of Revival has been found, and she started the program by the end of 2020.
  • Ex' Tax Foundation: a 74.900€ grant to support the project research & study case “Tax and the inclusive circular economy'' demonstrating the opportunities and impacts of a tax shift in Belgium. The project is an excellent starter to the relaunch plan as the covid pandemic has put reskilling and new job creation at the top of political priorities. It is also aligned with the EU Green deal policy launched in early 2020 that includes investments in new types of jobs needed for a green and sustainable economy.


Social Engagement

Alongside its primary mission for employment, the Degroof Petercam Foundation is committed to promoting philanthropy within the Degroof Petercam Group. The Employee Social Engagement program proposes different ways to act:
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  • Volunteering during the Solidarity Days: employees can voluntarily offer a day of their working time to support a social project.
  • Microdonations: a monthly automated donation from employee's salaries doubled by Degroof Petercam Group is awarded to one project of their choice.
  • Skills-based sponsorship: talents within the Group can dedicate up to 3 days of their working time per year to a charitable cause by sharing their competencies and expertise.